Case studies / For CVD and CVI systems

MPA Industrie proposes design and build of CVD reactors aimed to Chemical Vapor Deposition for coatings, infiltration, graphite purification, and fluoride Ion cleaning process.

These reactors operate from vacuum until atmospheric pressure, in a wide range of temperatures from 500 to 2300°C. The diameter of these reactors is included between 100 mm and 3000 mm for the useful zone.

Most of the case for CVD applications operates under vacuum from 10-2 mbar to several hundred mbar.

CMC ( ceramic matrix composite) and HT CMC ( high temperature ceramic matrix composite) are challenging new materials able to sustain high temperature for severe application combined with a low density. Using these materials in aircraft engine reduce the weight and increase the efficiency consequently the carbon foot print. There are not other alternatives for hypersonic vehicle.

Zinc sulfide is a well-known infra red material , CVD bulk ZnS is used to makes lenses, windows and domes for infra red camera or laser guided system. Zinc sulfide chemical vapor deposition can provide by controlling accurately the stochiometry. The purity of the product is quite attractive when the product required high physical and chemical perfection with near net shaping capability.

Hard coatings on hard metals or steel are probably the oldest industrial application, to make TiC, TiCN, Al203, TiN multilayers on cutting tools for high-speed cutting. Applied too on steel on punches, dies for metal forming of high strength steels

Fluidized bed CVD reactor is a method to coated particles, high temperature nuclear reactor used a very safe fuel (Kernel) , named triso particles where U02 or UCO is embedded in different materials to trap fission products.

HT CMC (High Temperature Ceramics Matrix Composite) is a challenge for a development of hypersonic vehicles maneuverability during atmosphere exit and entry. HT CMC lab scale system can sustain extreme heat fluxes and high mechanical stresses (material as ZrB2, HfB2, ZrC, HfC, TaC) and is also available with a large choice of gas precursors including chlorination of metals like Zr, Ta, Hf.

This process tool is designed to deposit materials such as carbon and silicon carbide onto fibres. It is a multi-purpose coating system with different sources such as carbon, boron nitride, silicon carbide, silicon nitride and combinations of all of these. Winding and unwinding tension control, winding and unwinding substrate alignment, multiple unwinding and winding modules with magnetically coupled drive shaft, precision speed control.

Aligned carbon nano tubes can be obtained on huge surfaces to develop filtration membrane, super capacitors. Large scale aligned carbon nanotubes CVD system can be applied on 12 inches wafer.

Super alloys turbine blades can be coated by doped aluminization (CVA) or cleaned during maintenance operation (Aluminization removal) using FIC process. (Fluoride Ion Cleaning). The FiC process is the best cleaning process to remove oxide on super alloys before welding or brazing operation

Large dual stations for CVD or CVI application particularly SiC applications. This large dimension CVD system is particularly adapted to coat big graphite parts like FBR (Fluidized Bed Reactor) used to produce silicon granules or heat exchanger.

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