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MPA Industrie has already developed for its customers many processes and equipments for advanced coating materials, consequently participating to digitalization, decarbonization and mobility.
We are consulted for industrial projects and R&D. Our company is able to design and supply each required subparts of a system and can carry out its expertise for special CVD reactors in many sectors.
MPA Industry has all the engineering structure for all technologies and knowledges required by such systems design and construction. The engineering department is supported by:

  • CAD department
  • Electrical and Process Control department
  • Manufacturing department
  • Gas department
  • Purchase and administration department

All employees have significant experience in similar projects. MPA Industrie is known as a partner and not just a system supplier. Our goal is to fully participate in foreign projects and to expand our existing market all over the world.

MPA Industrie Customers Around the World

History of the PVA TePla Group

  1. Acquisition of MPA Industrie SA in France.

    Strengthening of the industrial vacuum business through mature process know-how for silicon carbide (SiC) components and SiC coatings in the industrial and semiconductor sectors.

  2. Foundation of PVA TePla Korea

    With the foundation of PVA TePla Korea in January 2022, the Group is strengthening its sales and will and service location in Asia with a further company.

  3. Strenghtening ultrasound microscopy

    PVA TePla AG acquires Okos Solutions LLC in the USA. Okos builds measuring equipment for the quality inspection of high-tech products for the aerospace and semiconductor markets. The acquisition strengthens the PVA TePla Group's access to the US market for its ultrasonic measuring instruments.

  4. Takeover of an Italian vessel manufacturer

    In 2019, the PVA TePla Group took over the activities of a renowned and globally acknowledged Italian vessel. As a result, our subsidiaries will be able - in addition to our existing suppliers - to purchase vessels from own production for the manufucturing of vacuum and crystal growing systems.

  5. In 2018, the PVA TePla Group strengthens its metrology division

    PVA SPA Software Entwicklungs GmbH is a specialist for software and automation in the semiconductor industry as well as for optical metrology. This acquisition represents an important step forward for the further strategic development of the PVA TePla Group.

  6. New corporate identity

    With a new design and clear structuring of the divisions, the status of PVA TePla as a strong group of companies is now further emphasized.

  7. In 2016, PVA TePla further strengthened its position in the Chinese market by establishing a further sales and service location in the Xi'an high-tech region.

  8. Reorganization of the group of companies

    The reorganization of the corporate group with PVA TePla AG as a holding company and the subsidiaries as operating units establishes a more flexible and efficient organizational structure.

  9. Acquisition of JenaWave GmbH

    JenaWave GmbH—which has also since merged to become part of PVA Metrology & Plasma Systems GmbH—is acquired by PVA TePla. By developing and constructing what are considered to be the key components of optical measuring heads, including complex evaluation and control software for the analysis systems, PVA TePla AG further bolsters its metrology division.

  10. Acquisition of Munich Metrology GmbH

    PVA TePla acquires Munich Metrology GmbH in Munich, thereby strengthening the technological expertise of PVA TePla in the area of metrology. Munich Metrology—subsequently incorporated into PVA Metrology & Plasma Systems GmbH—concentrates on the detection of metallic contaminants on wafer surfaces in the semiconductor industry.

  11. Restructuring of the divisions

    The company divisions are reorganized and are now called: Industrial Systems, Semiconductor Systems, and Solar Systems.

  12. New company headquarters in Wettenberg




    PVA TePla AG leaves its previous headquarters and its production facilities for vacuum systems in Aßlar and relocates to the town of Wettenberg near Giessen.

  13. A new business area: ultrasonic microscopy

    Following the takeover of Krämer Scientific Instruments GmbH in Herborn and its Aalen-based subsidiary SAM TEC GmbH, PVA TePla enters yet another new field: ultrasonic microscopy. Both companies are renamed in 2008 to become PVA TePla Analytical Systems GmbH. The company headquarters are initially in Aalen and currently in Westhausen.

  14. The new plasma nitriding business area

    After acquiring the business of Plasma Technik Grün GmbH in Siegen, PVA TePla AG, trading as PlaTeG GmbH, opens a new division—Vacuum & Nitriding Systems—that focuses on manufacturing systems for the plasma nitriding of surfaces.

  15. New branch opens in China

    PVA TePla (China) Ltd. marks the opening of a service and sales branch in Beijing. The Group now has direct access to the important Chinese market, especially for its high-temperature systems.

  16. Acquisition in Denmark and company founded in China, CGS GmbH moves to Aßlar

    Following the takeover of the float-zone crystal growing business area of Danish company Haldor Topsoe, PVA TePla Danmark is founded. The company goes on to become with world's leading provider of float-zone (FZ) systems.

    PVA TePla establishes Xi´an HuaDe CGS Ltd. in China as a joint venture with the Technical University Xi'an (TUX).

    Crystal Growing Systems GmbH relocates from Hanau to Aßlar to the headquarters of the parent company.

  17. Merger in the US

    In the US, a merger takes place between PVA USA and TePla America to form PVA TePla America Inc. It represents all divisions of PVA TePla AG on the American market and concentrates on the development and construction of plasma systems for the medical/life science area.

  18. PVA and TePla merge, and LWT is founded

    PVA Vakuum Anlagenbau GmbH and TePla AG merge to become PVA TePla AG with its headquarters in Aßlar (subsequently relocating to Wettenberg).

    In the same year, PVA Löt- und Werkstofftechnik GmbH (LWT) is established. It takes over the business area of brazing and heat treatment from the parent company.

  19. US branch

    A branch is established in the US under the name of PVA USA Corp. (subsequently PVA TePla America, Inc.).

  20. Subsidiaries founded & IPO

    To provide additional production capacities, PVA Vakuum-Anlagenbau Jena GmbH is founded. In addition, a “spin-off” of Leybold Systems leads to the founding of Crystal Growing Systems (CGS) GmbH in Hanau, Germany. The company specializes in the construction of systems for manufacturing monocrystalline silicon crystals for the semiconductor industry.

  21. Company founded

    As a result of a management buy-out, Peter Abel GmbH takes over the vacuum metallurgy systems division of what was then Arthur Pfeiffer Vakuumtechnik Wetzlar GmbH (now: Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG) and establishes PVA-Pfeiffer Vakuum Anlagenbau GmbH (subsequently: PVA Vakuum Anlagenbau GmbH). The company focuses on the construction of systems for manufacturing and refining materials subjected to high temperature, vacuum, and pressure.

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