CVD/CVI processes and Chemical treatments

MPA Industrie is mastering fundamentals of CVD/CVI with a large range expertise

The advent of chemical vapour deposition started in the years 70’s with the development of the transistor technology and hard coating for metal cutting/forming.

Lots of customized applications has been developed for customers in many sectors. MPA Industrie has a 30-year-old experience in the field of the Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) solutionsCVD processes and fabrication of customized CVD reactors. Since its founding, our company works only in this field (Thermal CVD, CVI, Fluidized Bed Reactor and Specials Furnaces).

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Many Processes & Equipments Developped

MPA Industrie has already developed for its customers many processes and equipments for advanced coating materials such as:

  • TiC, TiN, Ti(C,N)
  • PyC, SiC, B4C,TiB2,BN, B, Al203, AlN
  • W,Re,ZrC,TaC, HfC
  • DLC, ZnS, ZnSe
  • Doped aluminizing
  • TCO

Chemical Treatments

In parallel MPA Industrie proposes:

  • Graphite purification process:
    For semi-conducting, solar, nuclear industries, ultrapure graphite grades are required. The process is a very high temperature treatment under vacuum using partial pressure of chlorine, Freon 12, HF to remove impurities such as boron, Fe, Al…
  • Fluoride Ion Cleaning process (FIC):
    Most of high temperature alloys used in aircraft engine are aluminized.

During repair phases of components like turbine blades, diffusers, the first operation is to remove aluminum layer by a high temperature treatment under hydrogen fluoride atmosphere.

In the other hand MPA Industrie provided doped aluminizing CVD system on high temperature aircraft engine components like thrust, turbine blade…

The great expertise of MPA Industrie with the handling of hazardous gas makes system very safe and reliable.

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